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Casual And Fun, 5 Simple Ways To Dress Up Your Viscose And Rayon Pieces

With the constant hustle, not many of us turn away an opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether it’s just a round of drinks after work, a cool Friday night rave or even just a relaxed date night, the prospect of being able to unshoulder some stress – even if it’s just for one night – means everything good and gold to us working folks.
It’s only human to crave for a momentary break from our chaotic busy schedules, so it’s not surprising that most of us get excited for recreational fun outside of work. But once the event’s been added to our calendars and the initial high dies down, reality checks in with THE question to answer: the outfit.
What to wear? It’s a question that gets most of us on nerves – sometimes bad enough to get our heads done in.
The casual yet comfy memo is barely ever lost on us, but despite how straightforward it sounds it always feels like a double-edged sword for some reason.
The idea is to be able to both look and feel good – while partying your worries away during a well-deserved break. But the apparent simplicity of this is sometimes too overwhelming to truly understand, because of just that.
Feel the same way? you’re not alone. It’s a question that has perplexed humanity since the dawn of time and unfortunately torments most of us to this day: How far can you take the casual and comfy vibe before it ends up in the rank of pajamas and loungewear? Dressing to the nines clearly isn’t an option, so that extreme wouldn’t work either.
Or maybe it’s date night, and you still haven’t figured out what to wear yet! It needs to be something a little dressy but also a bit toned down- but not to the point that it might look like you didn’t change out of what you were wearing for the day.
And sometimes there’s just no time to go home and get changed for the night, or maybe you’re just too tired to do that. Maybe you don’t want to squander your hard-earned money away just because of the humane need to socialize.
The best approach we’ve found involves choosing simple pieces that tick off all these key points you want in your outfit: they must be simple but stylish, look great but not drain the bank, and most importantly be comfortable enough for you to groove to your heart’s content.
Look at it this way, and your options are limitless. Sure, there’s a few cool materials out there but we find viscose and rayon specifically to be ideal for occasions like this.
They tend to make up a good portion of our closets, and their soft durable quality makes them a perfect versatile option for a multitude of occasions. It’s extremely easy to get your hands on viscose and rayon pieces, AND they are not at all pricey – so you don’t have to scavenge for items that don’t drain your account balance!
Also, who says a chill night has to be a chore? To find that perfect balance between dressy and cozy with a focus on viscose and rayon, we looked at ways to dress up regular pieces everyone owns- so you can slay the fun with none of the worry.

#1 Comfort Is Key
Unless you’re comfortable in your outfit, you won’t have as much of a good time, and this makes the whole concept of unwinding for the day pointless. If you find yourself feeling at ease in t-shirts and pants sticks to those pieces. If you love frolicking about in a skirt, put on your favorite one. If sneakers are your guilty pleasure, indulge. Love the idea of high fashion high heels? Why not just go for it? You’ll feel best in what you love most, so that should be your go to for a great time!

#2 Layer It Up
The art of Layering is a gift to us from the fashion deities up above, since they make the perfect way to dress up or dress down a look depending on what you prefer. Pair your favorite viscose dress with a denim jacket and finish the look off with some black ankle boots. Dress up your favorite rayon blouse with a leather pencil skirt for an unforgettable impression on your first date night. For the colder nights, try layering up your outfit with a trendy cardigan.

#3 Head To Heel, All In Style
High heels are the best way to dress up even the most mundane apparel we own. Slip into a pair of heels to go with that rayon midi dress you’ve been dying to wear – and you’re now the picture of cool and class. Choose a heel to match a less dominant color in your outfit, or go for a pair with a contrasting color scheme. This will introduce an element of vividness and contrast to your outfit and give it a unique spin on your usual style.
Heels have repeatedly proven their worth – making them such a worthwhile investment. Even sweats somehow suddenly look high fashion when they’re paired up with heels!

#4 Denim Up When Uncertain
There’s no going wrong with denim: rock that viscose top with your favorite high-rise jeans, or tuck that tee into your denim mini skirt. Denim jackets are another must-have; they work so well with basically everything. Throw in some cool retro sneakers or high heels into the mix and voila, to look cute has never been more comfy!
#5 Accessorize, Bedazzle
Haven’t got time after work to go change? Carry some in vogue jewelry with you for a mini glow up when it’s time to party it up on the dance floor that night. Crown yourself with a beautiful beaded headband or thrown on some bold, eye-catching earrings fit to bedazzle. If you aren’t in a rush, why not deck yourself up with a sleek clutch for an elegant and sophisticated look?

Since the simplicity of viscose and rayon materials have made them a regular recurrence in our collections, why not try to dress them up instead of new purchases on such informal occasions too? To look at pieces you already own from a different perspective might seem impossible at first, but give it a shot, and chances are you won’t regret it. Match pieces you usually wear with ones you usually don’t – for example, tuck your staple tee into a fancy skirt with your favorite sneakers – you might find yourself surprised at the results!

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