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Transition From Neutrals : A Guide To Adding Color To Your Closet

With the shorter, grey days slowly coming to a close and the longer, bright ones right above the horizon, we find ourselves ready and prepared for the much-needed mental reset. And more often than not, we find that with it comes (automatically) the need for the long-overdue closet refresh.

Most often there’s nothing more exciting than piling away those heavier, more bulky pieces to make room for the lighter, airy ones – to help accompany us into the beautiful summer days- that are themselves marked by a unique signature of shine and glory.

Like the gray clouds part to make way for bright blue skies, and the lush green making its much-awaited comeback (on natural foliage), it only feels right for us to do the same with our own attire. Whether it’s pulling out forgotten pieces from the back our closets or investing in fresh new ones, the idea is to emulate the bright and beautiful transformation the world outside is going through.

This, together with the recent major comeback of the much adored retro styles, means it’s safe to say that this season inspiration and excitement levels run high inside every single one of us. Embracing this newfound flamboyance and vivacity, iconic styles and ideas keep popping up from every corner around the world, leaving us with this onslaught of drive and inspiration that frankly, no one can complain about.

From this fresh excitement and livelihood stems the prompt for us to add color and spirit to our own closets- regardless of age, gender and demographic. If you’re like one of us and eager to join the club, you’ve come to right place. And even if the whole idea of color and dazzle is almost foreign to you, we’ve still got you covered.

The first and most important thing to remember when shopping for colorful clothes is to make sure your buys enhance your wardrobe by adding life and vivacity into it.

If you’ve stuck with mostly neutrals and tans before and are only ready to dip a toe in this pool of colors, this applies even more to you. There’s an unlimited number of options to choose from when looking for pieces to truly complement your usual outfit, as well as bring in a sense of cohesiveness and flow to it at the same time.

A word of advice, if you’re looking to step out of the familiar territories of your comfort zone for the first time, you don’t have to shoot from a 1 to 100 right away – unless you’re confident and sure with your choices. Instead, look to slowly introduce pops of color so that your mind and body gets time to adjust and develop a sense of comfort and assurance around these foreign hues.

There’s no rule in the book that says “thou shalt transform from thy regular sweats into ball gowns and slip dresses”. In fact, why not swear by a much simpler yet wiser phrase – “take it easy and slow, homie”.

If you find you’re the most comfortable in oversized t-shirts and pants (in duller shades, for example) why not make your next buy a pastel pink tee instead? If you love a good blue denim jacket, why not give that mint green one a try next time? Gradually easing into the color is be a much better approach than throwing yourself at it head first, especially if you don’t know where to look at.

With the shades you choose, it’s still the same story – It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Slow and steady will make you happy, in the long run.

Instead of plunging into the vibrant greens and fuchsias, maybe start slow with some pastels. Don’t get me wrong – if you’re confident and ready to make that leap, by all means go for it. If you aren’t, then soft muted pastels can provide you with the perfect transition into the regular use of color because of how calm and easy they are. The similarity they share with neutrals (-in terms of calm and quiet-) make them a far safer option, especially when it comes to styling them.

Pastel shades are known to work with pretty much every single one of our basics – even regular denims. And their easygoing vibe makes it almost a staple to have, as you’ll realize even if you look into the wardrobes of our favorite fashion influencers.

Color may not be your go-to right now, but even if they are outside the limits of your comfort, it can still be fun if you give them a chance. Look for pieces that you will enjoy as well as your wardrobe. Incorporate items that will add flourish to not just your outfits but also your personal style. If you’re not happy wearing that bright purple dress, don’t – instead, start small. Go easy at first, then work your way up.

When you’re looking to implement colorful statements into your routine, it’s a good idea to follow The Rule of Three:

  • Have them introduce jubilance into your life,
  • Have it enrich and amplify your wardrobe
  • And make sure they help elevate your own unique style

Embrace that inner vitality that’s yearning for you to unleash your creative spirit, and have that empower you – and chances are, you’ll never look back!

If you’re ready to up your game a bit more from the soft, quieter aesthetics, maybe you can try incorporating pops of the more vibrant shades of color into your day. Bright blues, lush green, burnt orange, sunshine yellows and fierce reds – being a few options to name, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your colors, but always make sure that whichever shade you choose brings you happiness and joy.

A good way to begin experimenting with these shades is to have peeks of them appear occasionally in your usual predominantly neutral outfit. A go-to with this method is accessories.

They can be the perfect way to dress up or dress down your look, depending on how you feel. A pink pendant here, some colourwashed earrings to frame the face, some bright green pumps to accentuate that beige and ta-da, you’ve never looked better in your life!

Likewise, if you come across a statement bag -for example- that catches your eye, why not give it a go with some basics for a bit of jazz and spice? Don a pair of yellow frames, or better yet – wear them on your head for a playful twist on your usual business checks. Try placing your bets on a cheerful bandanna or a luxurious drape to frame your top half in the form of a soft scarf – and introduce a more laid back, leisure vibe into your usual style!

To this day, accessories remain the most straightforward and easy way to add bright pops of colour without having to break the bank. They are extremely versatile and can be transferred between different looks very easily, and you could even pair them up in different ways to mix and match to your heart’s desire in order to achieve the look you’re going for.