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About Us

A more recent origin story, GOT Colombo was launched in 2020 on online social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fashion had suddenly become the supreme mode of expression in everyone. However due to the prevailing situation, most ideas and projects could not come into fruition. And this is where we came into play! At the GOT Colombo we are simply lovers of Fashion & Fabric. We are a Sri Lankan owned and operated business with an ever-growing platform and an overwhelming mass of positive, glowing reviews. You will find this a haven of beautiful fabrics of a simply delightful range. Varying from the simple and mundane to the more vibrant and exotic material, every fabric we have to offer is promisingly Luxurious and Extremely Unique. We are a collective of excited and passionate individuals united by our love and passion for fabric and creativity. We believe everyone has the right to feel fabulous and chic.

Our aim is to provide an alternative in a fast-fashion society where fine craft and high-quality fabrics are often less appreciated. Whether you are an individual looking for fabric to sew your dream wardrobe or a professional with a fashion venture, we’ve got you covered. With our exciting range of showstopping fabrics, you can now let your inner creativity blossom and morph into the silhouettes of your dreams!